Should you use a cheap will writer for a £30 will?

Everyone of an adult age realises that they should have a will. However, a large proportion of the population that should have a will do not have one. The common reasons for this are:

“I have written one myself although I am not sure it is legal”.

“It will cost too much”

“If I think about making a will it reminds me of my mortality”

“If I make a will I am more likely to die”

“I am not interested in what happens after I die”

“It is in the back of my mind to make a will...”

This is one of the reasons that cheap will writing offers are so appealing to people. Will writers will offer to visit you in your home and prepare you a will for as little as £30. Alternatively, you can write a will using an online tool for even less than this amount. Does it matter that you are paying so little?

A will is the most important legal document you will ever write. It cannot be changed or amended once you have died. It must be written and drafted professionally.

We understand that it might be tempting to use a will writing company because the initial costs look so cheap, but what actually happens when the will writer is in your home might surprise you. Here are some examples of real life situations where clients have invited will writers into their home.

1. Mr& Mrs Jones
Mr & Mrs Jones were quoted £69 on the telephone for joint mirror wills which would provide them with the same benefits. When the will writer visited them in their home this price immediately increased to £179. However, once the will writer had sold all sorts of additional items including what the Jones believed to be their probate services (when in fact these were chargeable at 1% extra) the final bill was £1,700.

2. Alison
Alison was in her sixties and lived alone and wanted to make a will. She was quoted £30 on the telephone and ended up paying £3,000 when a will writer visited her at home and sold her additional benefits. It was only when her independent financial adviser heard the story that he managed to cancel the cheque and cancel the services.

This is a high pressure selling tactic often used in the will writing industry. They know that once they are in your home it is much easier to sell you additional items which are not necessarily required. Will writers are completely unregulated. They will charge you for storage of your will when most solicitors will not and will look to sell you additional items which you may or may not need.

Why should you use solicitors?

Regulated for your protection

Solicitors are all regulated by The Law Society. Their services are constantly monitored and should anything go wrong you would have access to the solicitors’ compensation fund. In other words, you will never be without recourse for compensation if you are sold a poor service. This is not the case with will writers.

Solicitors’ fees

Solicitors will charge anything from £60-£70 for a will to £200-£300. However, with solicitors you will receive a quotation before you proceed with their services. You will be given the chance to say yes or no and you will not be the victim of any high pressure selling tactics in your home.

Storage charges

Most solicitors do not charge storage charges. Some do, and if they do this will be completely transparent from the beginning and is usually far less than the will writing companies. Solicitors regularly charge £10-£20 per year whereas a will writing company will charge £50 or more.

Fully insured

All solicitors MUST be fully insured so that if anything happens to their business you will still be able to receive compensation.

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