Pedestrian accidents on the pavement in the UK

Pedestrian accidents on the pavement in the UK

If you are a pedestrian minding your own business and you are suddenly involved in an accident on the pavement, what are your rights and what are your options? Who is responsible for the accident and should you make a claim for compensation? The purpose of this article is to explore these accidents.

Examples of pavement accidents in the UK

There are a variety of occasions when you might be involved in an accident on a pavement in the UK, including the following :-

  • A car mounting the pavement causing injury to you;
  • An item sticking out from a vehicle on the road which hits you (such as wing mirrors etc);
  • Items falling from cars or lorries on the road colliding with you on the pavement;
  • A cyclist colliding with you on the pavement.

In all of these situations you might sustain a serious injury. What are your rights and options?

Who is responsible for the pavement accident?

If, in all of the examples above, you were simply walking along the pavement then it is likely that the other person is responsible. There are a number of accidents on pavements when items fall from vehicles on the road or cars mount the pavement trying to avoid an obstruction on the road. Even if a cyclist collides with you on a path you would have the right of way and they would be held responsible.

What should you do?

The first thing is to visit Accident & Emergency or your General Practitioner for treatment of your injuries (if you have not already done so). You should also obtain details of any witnesses to the accident so that you can pass these details on to a solicitor who will help you with your claim. You should keep details of all of your expenses (including keeping receipts) as these will be needed to claim compensation.

The next step is to find a specialist road accident claims solicitor who will also have experience of accident claims made following accidents on the pavement.

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