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If you have recently been involved in a car crash you may have several hurdles to overcome in order to get back to your pre-accident state of health and wealth. Your main concern will be seeking medical advice for the injuries you have sustained and ensuring that you receive the appropriate course of treatment to get you back on the road to recovery as soon as possible. Your GP or local Accident & Emergency Department will be able to assess your injuries and advise you on the appropriate course of treatment. You may also be having to take time off work while you recover from your injuries and this may be causing you additional financial loss if you are not being paid during this leave of absence. If, in addition to the hurdles you are already facing, you discover that the person responsible for the car crash in which you were involved had no insurance this may be causing you additional concern. You may be wondering whether you are still able to make a claim for injury compensation as the third party has no insurance in place. This article looks at whether you can still make a claim for injury compensation following a car crash in which the third party has no insurance and, if so, how you go about doing so.

The Motor Insurers Bureau is an organisation which was specifically formed to protect victims of uninsured (and untraced) drivers. By law, every motor insurance company in the UK must be a member of the Motor Insurers Bureau and contribute to the funding of the organisation. The Motor Insurers Bureau will effectively take the place of the insurance company which should have been put in place by the third party driver and your claim will proceed in much the same way as it would do if you were making a claim against an insured driver. You may be examined by an independent medical expert who will assess your injuries and prepare a report detailing the same. This report will be sent to the Motor Insurers Bureau, along with details of any out of pocket expenses you have incurred, so that they are able to form an opinion on how much your claim is worth. The fact that you are pursuing a claim against the Motor Insurers Bureau rather than a ‘normal’ insurance company should not affect the amount of compensation you receive.

The amount of compensation you receive for your injuries will depend on how severely you have been injured and how long your recovery is expected to take. The independent medical expert examining you will comment on your injuries and provide a prognosis giving his opinion on how long it is likely to take you to fully recover from your injuries.

If you have been involved in a car crash with a third party who has no insurance you should contact a specialist car crash solicitor as soon as possible. Our Loyalty Law solicitors are experts in pursuing car crash claims and specialise in helping victims of uninsured drivers. Call us today on 0800 142 2775 for a free, no obligation consultation with one of our expert solicitors.

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