Choosing the right solicitor for your accident compensation claim – local or specialist?

Choosing the right solicitor to act for you in your accident compensation claim could significantly affect the outcome of your claim. It could affect the amount of compensation you receive and could even effect whether you win or lose your claim. You may be debating whether to instruct a local solicitor, that you may have used previously for other legal matters, or whether to instruct a specialist solicitor with expert knowledge in the area of law relevant to your claim.

Before going ahead and instructing a solicitor – either local or specialist – you need to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of both. Although it may seem hugely advantageous to instruct the solicitor based in your local high street, as this would mean you can pop in and out of your solicitor’s office when you need to without taking huge chunks of time out of your day, quite often high street solicitors still tend to deal with a whole manner of claims. You need to ask yourself whether it would be better for you to instruct a solicitor who specialises in the type of law that is relevant to your compensation claim.

Nowadays, a wider range of communication methods are available, for example, as well as post and telephone communication, email communication is used very commonly between solicitors and clients. This means that it is now less important to use the solicitor that is closest to you geographically as most, if not all, of your claim can be carried out without you needing to be physically present in your solicitor’s office. It is therefore vital that you choose the best solicitor for your case rather than the one with the most convenient location.

Rather than instructing a solicitor who takes on a whole range of cases – i.e. crime, wills, personal injury etc, it would be hugely beneficial to you to instruct a solicitor who specialises in the area of law relevant to your case and specialises in this area of law day in, day out. If a solicitor spends all of their day dealing with one type of case, they are bound to have a greater legal knowledge and understanding of that particular area of law as opposed to a solicitor that dips in and out of all types of law, which many high street solicitors still do. The specialist solicitor will have encountered all manner of scenarios relevant to your type of case and will have broader knowledge of any issues arising. They will have built up a network of expert connections such as barristers and doctors who can provide advice and evidence. It is also much less likely that the specialist solicitor will miss any important aspects of your claim, such as missing items that you are entitled to claim for.


There are still many high street solicitors that deal with all sorts of cases rather than specialising in one particular area of law. When deciding which solicitor to instruct you need to decide whether you would feel comfortable with this scenario or whether you would prefer to have your case dealt with by a specialist solicitor. Loyalty Law has expert solicitors who specialise in accident claims and who, individually, deal with specific types of accidents on a regular basis. By asking Loyalty Law to help you with your case you can be sure that we will match you will a specialist solicitor who will use their expertise to ensure that you receive the right amount of compensation as fast as possible. Our Loyalty Law service to you is without charge and without obligation.

How Loyalty Law can help you with your claim

Our service to you is completely free of charge. We match you with specially selected, expert whiplash claim solicitors. Our service for you includes the following :-

  • Pre-vetted specialist accident claim solicitors (chosen by our director - a former personal injury solicitor);
  • Private medical treatment to speed your recovery
  • No charge from us for our service to you
  • Free, no obligation enquiries

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For your free, no obligation Claims Assessment, please call us free now on 0800 142 2775 or complete a Quick Enquiry online now.



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