The Think! campaign to improve road awareness and road safety is asking for help from the people it helps the most, young teenagers and children.

If you (or someone you know!) are between the ages of four and sixteen, you’re in with a chance to win one thousand pounds for your school – and you get  a free £15 road safety pack just for entering the competition!

Read more about the Think! competition here.

What’s The Aim?

Simply create a poster or video promoting road safety, and you’re in with a chance of winning.

The aim of the competition is to develop and reward young talent, while also raising awareness of issues around road safety. The issues that you’ll want to address are different by age group, but mostly break down into:

  • Visibility and basic awareness for very small children.
  • Being aware when crossing the road, and learning cycling road safety for young children
  • Dealing with technological distractions, and advanced cycling safety for teenagers

To become a road champion, all you need to do is submit an eye-catching, exciting, cool or clever poster or animated video.

What Do You Get?

Winning entrants will get a lot of reputation, which could be great if you want a career working with videos or making posters.

Winners will also get £1000 towards their school, while runners-up will get a chance to go to a workshop with a respected model-maker from the prestigious Aardman studios. Every single one of the first ten thousand entrants will win a £15 road safety pack, so get submitting!

Of course, you’ll also get the sense of achievement that comes from creating something really valuable, something which could even save a life one day!

What Else Do Think! Do?

Think! Sign
Image by Mikey
Think! cover all sorts of issues relating to road safety awareness.

For example, they raise awareness of important age-related issues that might encourage drivers to stop driving.

They also have prominent campaigns to make sure people know that drinking, or doing drugs, and driving is not OK.

As well as these issues, they cover more recent developments, like people using mobile phones or satnav devices excessively while trying to drive. These are all modern, noisy devices which can distract adults from the road and cause tragic crashes.

They’re probably best known for their campaigns on speed, which encourage drivers to drive much more slowly in order ot make sure that children can use our streets more safely.

All-in-all, it’s a great competition and a great cause to help out with – if we fit the age limit, we’d be first in line to enter!