Black Friday is something of a new and unknown quantity for British shoppers, so the ferocity with which some people approached the day of bargain-hunting was incredibly surprising to many.

If you’ve sustained an injury in the Black Friday crush, it may not be your fault and you could be entitled to compensation.

The Supermarket’s Responsibility To You

Something called occupier’s liability is often invoked in personal injury law. This is when the ‘occupier’ of the premises in question, who may not be the owner, can be held responsible for failing to take proper care of invited visitors. The ‘occupier’ is whoever has control of the premises. A manager or a company might be held to be the occupier.

If the supermarket occupier knew that there was going to be a huge, dangerous crush, then they had a duty to warn you of that and take necessary steps to prevent you from being harmed. If they didn’t take these steps, you may have a personal injury case against them and should contact us for further information.

All I Want For Christmas

Post Christmas Sales

Image by Ray Devlin

Health and safety in the pre-Christmas shopping and post-Christmas sales is already a nightmare, leaving many an innocent shopper wishing for their two front teeth back.

When you artificially create, promote and advertise an event that combines the appeal of both pre-Christmas shopping and post-Christmas sales, you are contributing to a very unsafe environment to go shopping in.

If you then don’t take steps to minimise the risk that shoppers are exposed to, then you shouldn’t be surprised when you’re hit with personal injury claims.

Black Friday Hazards

Hazards caused by Black Friday itself extend beyond the many people pushing and shoving in the crowds.

They also include increased danger from spillages and obstructions, increased numbers of spillages and obstructions, and a greatly increased danger from precariously balanced piles of goods.

Although spillages caused by and on Black Friday are less likely to be the supermarket’s responsibility, as long as they’re cleaned up in a reasonable amount of time, it’s definitely their responsibility to clean up a spill that’s been around for a while.

Already a slipping risk, with the increased number of people the danger of a fall and the potential negative consequences of such a fall are made much worse.

Not Your Fault

Simply turning up to an event that you know will be busy doesn’t mean that a personal injury is your fault.

A busy event should be anticipated and provided for by the supermarket, and you should not feel bad for a second about holding them accountable for their failures.

If you’ve been injured in a Black Friday sale, get in touch and we can answer any initial questions you may have completely free of charge, with no obligation.