Nearly one in five deaths in construction involve roof work. There are also numerous domestic deaths every year from people carrying out roof works without the adequate roofing health and safety knowledge.

There are a number of components outlined by the Health and Safety Executive that aim to prevent injuries and deaths from roofing work. It is a legal requirement that employers provide adequate training so that people employed by them are working on a roof safely.

Just this week Liverpool Crown Court heard how a self-employed joiner, Peter Winchurch, died after falling from a roof he was working on. The 68 year-old man had been on the roof working on an extension when he fell nearly six metres from scaffolding. An investigation by the H.S.E revealed that the scaffolding was allegedly dangerous.

The firm responsible for the construction site were prosecuted because they had alleged failed to put in the necessary roofing health and safety checks and training that are essential for those working from height.

We have created an infographic that visualises the guidelines from the HSE so that you have an idea of what is required to work on a roof safely.

Working on a Roof Safely:

Roofing Health and Safety Infographic

Roofing health and safety infographic

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