Texts and calls regarding claiming: most of us have been subject to this ‘popular’ current marketing phenomenon. In fact 70% of us have received a call pushing us to make a claim, either for PPI or personal injury. A further 40% of have received a marketing text to our mobile phone peddling the same message. The idea is that repeatedly calling us to let us know we can claim now for thousands of pounds worth of Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) refunds, or repeatedly texting us about our accident which can give us “£3000 personal injury compensation,” will be an effective way to gain our custom and gain instructions. This is just not the case, in fact every single one of us finds these texts and calls incredibly irritating. They seem to come through even if our landline is ex-directory or if we never pass on our mobile phone number to companies. So will these companies ever stop calling?

Fingers crossed, the answer is yes. As of yesterday, 1st April, new laws are coming into force which will illegalise referral fees. This move will prevent personal injury cases from being passed on for cash. Hopefully this will begin to prevent this kind of cold calling and texting that is becoming oh so irritating. Overall the set of litigation reforms which have now been implemented should reduce the so called ‘ambulance chasing’ culture and reduce the amount of meritless personal injury claims being pursued in the UK courts.

Furthermore, independent consumer group ‘Which?’ has been calling for a clampdown on firms which are using these kinds of marketing techniques. They have been trying to push for Ofcom and the Office of Fair Trading to take decisive action against the companies who are repeatedly calling and texting consumers. Which? are proposing a joint taskforce between the agencies to tackle the problem. They are also suggesting the Information Commissioner’s Office and the Ministry of Justice become involved in the regulation of unsolicited calls and texts. The proposed sanctions for repeated offenders are fines and suspension from business trading.

As it stands, PPI firms and personal injury firms are the ones which are receiving the most press regarding this matter. At Loyalty Law we find this rather embarrassing. Personally we are of the opinion that if you need legal help, you will come to us, we will not come to you. Once you find us we hope our specialist’s advice will ensure you know we are the right firm to help you. “Ambulance chasing” is not our game.