Cycle helmets are a necessity:  they save lives. And as cycling becomes an increasing popular way of commuting to work and getting around, it is essential to be safety conscious.

There is no doubting the fact that road cycle helmets have improved in design and safety features over the years. They have progressed from bulky and awkward designs to light-weight, aero-dynamic and comfortable helmets.

Over the course of the last two decades, helmets have been made from increasing lighter materials that provide better absorption upon impact. Yet the overall design has remained largely the same – that is until now. A Swedish company has taken things to the next level of innovation and cycling health and safety by producing an inflatable helmet.

How The Inflatable Helmet Works

The Hövding helmet is a wrap-around collar, worn around the neck, that inflates before impact. The collar contains a folded up airbag that only inflates in event of an accident. The airbag, shaped like a hood, protects the neck and the head.

The hi-tech inflatable helmet tracks your motion through movement sensors over 200 times a second. If the sensors are triggered by abnormal movements, then the helmet releases the airbag, which surrounds the cyclist’s head, protecting it from any potential impact.

Hovding invisible helmet

Hovding invisible helmet

And the innovation and science doesn’t stop there. Inside the Hövding helmet there is also a black box which records 10 seconds of movement data during and moments before a cycling accident.

The Hövding inflatable helmet has only recently gone on the market but is already selling well across Europe and North America. With more people cycling and taking advantage of this healthy and economical way to travel, it means that bicycle accidents will increase. Thankfully, this new product will reduce the risks to cyclists and even save lives.