Loyalty Law has never been a fan of ‘ambulance chasing’ personal injury claims management firms as we believe they give our legal sector a bad name. So we are extremely happy to hear that the government has been listening to the complaints of the general public and has closed over 200 firms in the last 6 months, with some reports even pushing this figure up to over 300 claims management firms. On top of these figures, a further 140 firms were given a warning by the government that they would be closed down if they did not change their ways. This is a step in the right direction. There is a huge difference between helping people and offering them a service and harassing people in their own home with a service they do not need and have not asked for. Loyalty Law has always prided itself on helping all our customers to the best of our ability – but only when they come to us.

Many of the firms who have been closed down text and call unsuspecting individuals offering them payouts for miss-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) or payouts for personal injuries suffered. Other firms mostly used television, internet and print advertisements to gain customers. Many of the people who are contacted have never taken out a loan with PPI or even suffered an injury. Some of the firms which were shut made consumers pay upfront for their services when they had no chance of winning their cases and receiving a payment. Quite clearly this is unfair business practice and the consumer should quite rightly be protected by the law from falling victim to this kind of scheme. The UK’s data watchdog is working closely with the Ministry of Justice and the Claims Management Regulation Unit to ensure that firms engaging in bad practice are caught and closed down.

For all these customers who are bombarded with advertisements, the marketing techniques become an annoyance and the firms engaging in aggressive marketing are in fact shooting themselves in the foot. These consumers then lodge complaints. Complaints from annoyed consumers adds fuel to the fire which is already burning. The ‘compensation culture’ is already being targeted by the government and is bringing in litigation which may potentially make claiming more difficult for the consumer and more difficult for our personal injury legal firms to offer. But Loyalty Law says: Good job! Keep culling the rogue traders! It will leave the personal injury sector cast in a far more positive light when only the fair traders remain. Let the personal injury claims experts take care of you, here at Loyalty Law.

Author: Nicholas Jervis