According to statistics from the IIDB, asbestos is still a serious on-going problem for many workers within the United Kingdom, with an average of around thirteen new cases per hundred thousand workers.

Compared with other prescribed diseases within the dataset (that's diseases recognised as a known risk by the government) there are a great many cases of industrial disease caused by exposure to asbestos and hand arm vibration.

Hand Arm Vibration diseases such as Vibration White Finger are common and avoidable results of working with power tools, while Asbestos-related diseases such as Mesothelioma and Asbestosis are common results of being unfairly exposed to asbestos with insufficient safety equipment by an employer.

Industrial Illness Chart

This chart demonstrates the rate of industrial illness per hundred thousand people. The information is taken from data provided by the Department for Work and Pension's Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit Scheme via. the Health and Safety Executive's website, and is an annual average figure taken only from those illnesses prescribed for inclusion by the government.

Limitations of the data source [Excel sheet download] used include that it does not include information on some of the rates of some other illnesses, and does not distinguish between silicosis, asbestosis, and other forms of pneumoconiosis.

As you can see, diseases closely related to asbestos exposure (Mesothelioma at 8.2 instances per 100,000 people, Asbestosis at 3.3 instances per 100,000 people and Diffuse Pleural Thickening at 1.7 instances per 100,000 people) are very well represented, followed closely by Vibration White Finger at a rate of 1.2 instances per 100,000 people.

The continuously high rate of Asbestos-related and Hand Arm Vibration-related diseases demonstrates the importance of careful health monitoring for workers in at-risk industries.

IIDB Prescribed Illness Rates

Click the Merge/Unmerge button to see the larger categories of IIDB prescribed illnesses.

It quickly becomes apparent that the pie chart is dominated by Asbestos-related disease and Hand Arm Vibration-related disease. It is truly shocking how many new cases of illness each year are caused by such easily-avoidable working conditions.

Avoiding asbestos-related diseases should be simple for employers; wherever possible, prefer to use materials that do not contain asbestos, and where using asbestos is inevitable, take the appropriate precautions. All the time, we see cases where employers have failed to take these simple steps.

Avoiding Hand Arm Vibration is trickier, as there are cases where using power tools for extended periods of time is essential to an industry. However, the government has helpful resources such as this Hand Arm Vibration calculator to avoid exposing employees to excessive Hand Arm Vibration levels.

Suffered Or Suffering From Asbestos Related Disease?

If you've suffered from an asbestos related disease, you may be entitled to industrial disease compensation. Use our no obligation claim assessment form for free to see if you could receive compensation for this tragic, common, and entirely avoidable illness.

There's simply no way your employer should have exposed you to harmful asbestos, and a compensation claim is not only justified, it serves to deter other opportunistic employers from making the same life-threatening decisions.

Suffered Or Suffering From Vibration White Finger Or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Vibration White Finger and its more famous cousin, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, are both forms of Hand Arm Vibration-related industrial disease. They can be extremely detrimental to quality of life and can limit your ability to work and support yourself or your family.

Use our no obligation claim assessment form to hold your employer accountable for exposing you to more vibration than is safe.

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