Living in constant stress is pretty nasty. There’s increasing evidence that it limits your ability to live a healthy life, and can even unilaterally lower your life expectancy, meaning that it’s more important than ever to address stress as quickly as possible.

Of course, it’s also vitally important to be cool, and just as important to let people know how cool you are. This is, in fact, one of the most stressful parts of modern life.

Bearing these two disparate and frequently diametrically opposed ideas in mind, a number of workers from across the world have stumbled across these four painfully hip, tragically cool de-stressing techniques.


Image by Tomas Sobek

Laughter Yoga

Laughter yoga is a technique strongly advocated by people who have written books about laughter yoga.

It’s a bit of a harder sell than some of the other techniques on this list, because of its tendency to result in less-than-photogenic pictures. Even models often look a bit terrifying when they laugh.

Laughter yoga can be great as a tool for business to ease causes of stress within a group (interpersonal tensions, strict hierarchies), but individual stress based on specific circumstances may be harder to budge.

Ball Pits

Ball pits and other soft indoor play areas have been becoming ever more popular for adults. Since Google’s first steps into providing office play areas, the idea has proven irresistible, and is moving beyond the tech industry into other areas.

Certainly, it seems as though these ball pits should help to improve creativity among staff members.

The practice has reached widespread mainstream acceptance with the large white ball pit by Pearlfisher in Hammersmith (all for a good cause, the charity Right To Play), which looks like Brave New World as imagined by Kubrick but also looks like a lot of fun.

Drum Circles

Professional drum circle consultants claim they can help your workers reach a state of mutually supportive euphoria, although no studies that we are aware of have backed up their claims at time of writing.

The fact that there are real live professional drum circle consultants may surprise you, the lack of studies in the area (positive or negative!) may not. Again, this tactic is often used to ease causes of stress within a group and improve group cohesion rather than directly address individual levels of stress.

Pre-Work Stone Cold Sober Rave

If you’re thinking “the only thing worse than a completely sober pre-work rave is –” and then you simply stopped thinking completely, then we have something in common.

That’s not put off the daring innovators at Shoreditch’s Morning Glory, who’ve created a full on sober rave from 6:30 to 10:30 in London’s trendiest district. If you’re tired, you can get a massage at the massage station; if you want to be wired, you can get hooked up with a double espresso.

The official website notes that it also offers smoothies and the chance to meet the ‘Children of the Morning’, taking care to note that the event has ‘no deeper meaning’.

Raves And Responsibility

These are some great ways to blow off steam in the short term and remove sources of friction within groups, but stress is often a long term phenomenon experienced by individuals, and caused by their environment.

As such, it should not be your responsibility to seek activities like raves that will temporarily make you feel better, but your employer’s responsibility to enable a better working environment. Common sources of stress are noisy workplaces, inconsistent management, and open-plan offices with no privacy.

Of course, your boss can’t know you’re stressed if you don’t tell them! Responsibility does go both ways. However, if your boss refuses to address the sources of your stress, your stress is the result of workplace discrimination, or you need additional support due to a disability that you have not received, then you may be able to claim compensation from your workplace.

Loyalty Law have access to professional specialist solicitors, and are able to provide you with additional services throughout the claims process. To find out more, see our work accident claim form.