It appears that even film-stars can experience accidents at work, some with very devastating consequences. Film production teams have to follow a number of strict regulations to keep cast and crew members safe during filming, however during some challenging scenes, actors and actresses sometimes put themselves in dangerous situations, resulting in injuries and even death.

Margret Hamilton – The Wizard of Oz

On-set of the legendary film The Wizard of Oz, the Wicked Witch of the West, Margret Hamilton, suffered second and third degree burns when a trap door didn’t release quick enough during the scene where she departs Munchkinland in a cloud of smoke. Hamilton’s costume was engulfed in flames, created by the smoke. It took the actress 6 weeks to recuperate and she refused to work with fire on-set for the duration of the production.

Russell Crowe – Gladiator

Although Crowe won the award for the best actor category for his role in Gladiator, the famous actor landed himself a few injuries to go with it. One of his injuries involved a horse, which backed Crowe into three tree branches after being startled during a shooting scene. In another shoot, Crowe managed to dislocate his shoulder and break several bones in his foot and hip.

Nicole Kidman –  Moulin Rouge

Her role in Moulin Rouge won her an Oscar-nomination, along with a few injuries. During filming, Kidman fractured two ribs and hurt her right knee. The 45-year-old had to film many of her scenes sat down, to cover the cast on her injured leg.

George Clooney – Syriana

During filming of Syriana, George Clooney suffered an injury during an interrogation scene. The chair he was sat on fell backwards, causing Clooney to smash his head on the floor. His spine was damaged in the accident and he also suffered from short-term memory loss and headaches following the incident.

Halle Berry – The Hive

The Oscar –winning actress was hospitalized after she suffered a minor head injury while shooting a fight sequence on the set of The Hive. Berry is no stranger to film-set injuries. In the same year, she broke her foot while filming scenes for Cloud Atlas.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt – Premium Rush

The 32-year-old actor most famous for his roles in Inception and 500 Days of Summer had to have 31 stitches in his arm after he got caught up in a crash while filming for his role as a bike-messenger in the thriller, Premium Rush. The actor swerved to avoid a diplomat’s car and smashed into a taxi causing his bloody injury.

Brandon Lee – The Crow

Talented actor and the Son of the late Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee was famously shot dead during filming of The Crow. During a shooting scene, a stunt gun which was thought to fire blanks was actually loaded with real bullets. The bullet was lodged in its chamber and was fired at Lee, shooting him in the abdomen, resulting in his death. Lee was just 28-years-old when he died.

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Author: Nicholas Jervis