The government have launched a campaign to crack down on fake whiplash claims in a series of measures aimed at bringing down motoring costs.

Ministers have proposed a number of new initiatives  to drive down the costs of motoring. The other measures include introducing fuel price comparison signs on motorways and freezing the cost of the MoT test at £54.85 until the next election in 2015.

Fake Whiplash Claims

Ministers have announced that they plan to save motorists money by tackling what they refer to as ‘compensation culture’ and the perceived increase in fake whiplash claims.

Fake Whiplash injury


New independent medical panels will be set up to verify whiplash injuries, and identify those whiplash claims that have been exaggerated or fraudulent.

The Ministry of Justice reforms are designed to combat the issues that arise from the fact that insurers can currently make an offer to claimants without a medical report. Going forward only evidence from accredited medical professionals will be considered in a whiplash claim. This should reduce the number of fraudulent claims whilst ensuring that genuine whiplash cases still get the compensation they deserve.

The move is designed to lower drivers’ insurance premiums.

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling said: “We are now going after whiplash fraudsters and will keep on driving premiums down.”

Labour MP Louise Ellman, chairs of the Commons Transport Select Committee, said: “The Transport Select Committee has looked at this over a long time and very recently we recommended that insurance companies shouldn’t pay out for whiplash claims without a medical report and that those medical reports should come from independent medical practitioners.”

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