We’ve been tweeting these weird laws recently, so we thought other people might want to share these bizarre examples of just how strange the legal system can get too.

1. Drinking And Standing Is Illegal In Texas?

Yes – well, drinking more than three sips is at any rate.

Why exactly this is on the books is anyone’s guess, but presumably it was originally supposed to stop people wandering the streets waving bottles of beer about. The confusing part is why it’s still on the statutes, as it seems pretty outdated.

2. Can I Wear A Suit Of Armour In Parliament?


We’re assuming that turning up in parliament wearing a full suit of armour would be more than a little concerning. There aren’t many legitimate reasons for doing it, after all.

3. Where Can I Fire My Cannon?

We’re not sure where you can fire your cannon, but certainly not within 300 yards of any dwelling house!


It seems as though this is probably covered by other laws in existence, but better safe than sorry we suppose.

4. Is It Illegal To Beat A Carpet?

No – but it is illegal to beat a carpet or rug in the streets.

You may beat a doormat, though, as long as it’s before eight in the morning. In case you were wondering.

5. Maybe It Should Be Illegal After All..

It’s illegal to play annoying games, according to one law dating back to 1839. Maybe it’d be worth it if you could get those Candy Crush notifications to stop?


The same law makes it illegal to carry a plank along a pavement. Presumably before this law was introduced Victorian London was essentially one long Keystone Kops film, with bumbling bobbies being foiled by panes of glass, planks of wood and marbles underfoot every step of the way.

6. Is It Illegal To Be Drunk In Charge Of A Horse?

If you found this article by searching for that question, then frankly we’re worried about what you’re doing and would suggest that you get off straight away. Being drunk is bad enough, but using your smartphone at the same time is frankly dangerous.

Yes, it is illegal to be drunk in charge of a horse. Don’t get drunk and ride a horse. It seems more likely to hurt you than others, but still; it’s against the law. Do not do it.

7. Is It Illegal To Queue Jump In The UK?

It is illegal to queue jump in certain specific circumstances in Great Britain.


Specifically, it is illegal to queue jump in the UK in the Tube ticket hall.

If you’re reading this from outside the UK, though, it’s not just queues, we promise – you have to obey any reasonable instruction given by an authorised person or sign, in accordance with the TfL railway byelaws.

8. Handling Salmon Is Not Legal, Laughing Matter.

We fail to see anything amusing here, quite frankly.


If people were allowed to suspiciously handle salmon willy-nilly, where would we be? The mind boggles.

Strange Laws

These strange laws didn’t spring from nowhere – they’re very reasonable in their aims if you trace them right back to the source.

The problem is that they’ve become bizarrely specific, weirdly vague, or just completely obsolete as times have changed.

What laws in existence now do you think will become just as strange in a hundred years time?