As we come up to Christmas, please bear in mind that this really is the most blunderful time of year. Crowded houses, crowded pubs, sharpened knives and scalding hot grub all makes for a lot of serious accidents, and we don’t want to see any of you down here.

Here are the top seasonal slip-ups to watch out for. It might seem silly, but do be careful out there – especially after a few glasses of Christmas spirits!

Icy Pavements

Slips, trips and falls are very common in winter due to ice. This may not be the fault of the owner of the property, of course.

Factors that affect whether you have a claim worth pursuing include whether the owner was aware of the danger, and whether the owner could have done anything to stop the danger.

If, for example, the owner fails to account for icy water overflowing in a clogged drain and then freezing on the ground, or the sloping surface of a car park encourages ice to melt and refreeze repeatedly, then a slip and fall lawsuit could be possible.

If the owner does provide ice and snow removal, it must be done with proper diligence and care. If it is done negligently, this again leaves them responsible for possible compensation.

This is in addition to common slip and fall dangers such as cracks and holes in the pavement.

Festive Drinks

Having a few drinks and then getting into an accident may seem like no-one’s fault but your own, but contributory negligence does not necessarily mean you will lose your personal injury case.

Also, there is no hard and fast law saying that being intoxicated means that you cannot claim compensation. Cases are judged on their own merits, and as long as the incident wasn’t wholly your fault it is likely that you have a chance at some compensation.

That’s right – all those hard-sell TV adverts starting “Have you had an accident that wasn’t your fault?” are actually massively under-selling what personal injury lawyers can do for you!

Homely Hazards

Beware of homely hazards!

Everything from candles to kitchen knives can cause serious damage in a crowded house full of sleepy but excitable children – and drunk, sleepy but excitable adults.

The NHS has a complete list here, so definitely make sure you’re aware of these dangers. If you’re hurt in the home it’s less likely you’ll even receive any compensation, so be careful this Christmas.

Merry Christmas, And A Happy New Year!

At Loyalty Law, we wish you a very merry Christmas, but we sincerely hope we don’t see you this New Year with festive injuries.