We all do our best to avoid accidents at work. Whether it’s sussing out and evaluating our work place for potential hazards or wearing the correct protective gear, we are increasingly health and safety conscious. But sometimes accidents at work happen that are not your fault and you are entitled to make an accident at work claim. There is nothing worse than suffering pain due to an accident that wasn’t your fault.


We’ve heard of a number of bizarre methods to make your work and home environment safer and more health and safety orientated but the following scientific development is certainly one of the most extreme and interesting ways we’ve come across.


Scientists are attempting to create a cow without horns. The ‘health and safety’ cow will be genetically modified in order to reduce the risk of injuring farmers and walkers as well as other animals. The dairy cow will be identical to the existing livestock just without the horns. Currently, farmers have to resort to the painful process of burning off  horns – this genetic option is a more favourable alternative.


Using gene-editing techniques, scientists have been able to insert a DNA patch to stop horn growth in Holsteins – Britain’s most popular dairy breed. The revolutionary technique is at the forefront of genetic engineering and allows scientists to make precise changes to an animal’s DNA. Researchers have successfully taken the DNA patch from other hornless breeds of cattle and added it to the Holstein genome to create the hornless cow. A hornless cow breed could emerge within a single generation, putting an end to the painful burning of horn buds in calves once and for all. It also has the benefit of reducing work place injuries to farm-workers.


Animals are renowned for their unpredictable behaviour and cows, despite seeming docile, are no exception. In fact, farmers suffer work place accidents as the result of cows and their horns more often than you might think. Between 2010 and 2011, five farmworkers were killed and 91 were injured by cattle. Two members of the public were also killed, and 17 more seriously injured including former Home Secretary David Blunkett who was infamously trampled by a cow in Derbyshire.


The Hornless cows will hopefully see a reduction in injury and accident at work claims amongst farmers and make it safer for the public to enjoy the many benefits of a country walk.


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